Aslam-o-alaikum – May the Blessings of Allah be Upon You

I am Qari Anees the Founder and Chair of Iqra Educational Trust.

I would like to welcome you to the Iqra Educational Trust (IET) website. This is an exciting time for me in both my projects and my personal life. The Trust was established 1990 and is an organisation established to assist children in receiving their basic rights to food, shelter, protection and education.

At Iqra, we believe every life has equal value and each person is worthy of the chance of having a better way of life. As one who received a chance and has succeeded in life because of support, I know how valuable chances are. The purpose of our programme is to give these vulnerable children that same opportunity, by contributing to and assisting them in their efforts. You will find ways to support our projects on the pages of this website under the “Get Involved” section.

A donation for even just one of the children from you will also help others. If you look at our photo section you will see the various activities and facilities that the children enjoy. These activities have been donated by voluntary teachers and generous visitors, many of whom have given their time and resources, adding to the opportunities we can offer our children, such as books, Braille equipment, Speech and Language equipment and Clothing amongst other things.

I would like all these wonderful people to know how thankful we truly are for their generous efforts on behalf of our children. We appreciate each and every one of them. Every adult who is involved with the Iqra Educational Trust charity currently does so as a volunteer.

Iqra Educational Trust has been providing hundreds of children with shelter, sustenance through meals served three times every day, daily supplies of clothes , shoes, computers, wheelchairs, educational material, blankets, mattresses, medical supplies, school supplies, extra education supplies, and other basic necessities. Our main source of funding is provided by your generosity.

By choosing to donate to our cause, your contribution will go directly towards buying a whole host of educational supplies for the disabled and blind children of many of the countries we support including UK, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, USA and Africa.

Thank you very much for spending the time to read about our charity.

I wish you have good luck and good health.

Warm regards,

Anees Qari, Chairman