Vocational Centres

Established between 2014-2015 by Iqra

In 2014-15, Iqra established two vocational centres, one in Attock and another in village 291 Gaf Bay near Toba Tek Sing in Punjab, Pakistan. The aim of which is to provide education and skills training to these communities, particularly for women.

The library and resource centre was completed in 2014 in a government middle school in village 291 Gaf Bay, and computers and books were also donated.

Naseem Memorial Vocational Training School

Twenty new sewing machines were donated to the Naseem Memorial Vocational Training School (for women) for the local village girls to learn sewing skills and a teacher was employed to teach them this. They are making uniforms for the poor children of the local schools and after a few months of experience, they will be able to work on their own and become useful citizens, given that they can make their own livings by working for their local community.